Few tips to make your daily scrum meetings effective.First, let’s understand the goals of daily scrum meeting:
1. Allow the team to inspect and adapt daily.
2. Allow the team to share progress with each other every day.
3. Allow the team to surface blocks to each other every day.

Every day, at an agreed time and place, the team stands in a circle and reports three things:
1. What did I do since yesterday’s meeting? (These are Accomplishments)
2. What will I do by tomorrow’s meeting? (These are Goals)
3. What is blocking me or slowing me down? (These are Obstacles)

Sprint Team’s focus should be on the following-
– What we did/What will we be doing to meet the sprint goals.

– Remember that stand-up is not a place where you are giving your status to your project manager/scrum master. Its a ceremony where you are informing the team that how are you contributing to meeting the teams/sprint goals. DO not turn stand-ups into 1:1 chats with your managers. Whatever you say should generate some value for the team

There should not be any discussion hour debate on any features. Everyone should be in listening mode.

The stand-up duration should be 15 minutes maximum.

Hope this helps.

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