Three Simple truths in Software Development1. It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the beginning of a project.
2. Whatever requirements you do gather are guaranteed to change.
3. There will always be more to do than time and money will allow.

– Accepting the first truth means you are not afraid to begin your journey without knowing everything up front.- Accepting the second means you no longer fear or avoid change. You know it is coming.

– And by accepting the third, you no longer get stressed when your todo list exceeds your time and resources to deliver.

Once you accept these three simple project truths, much of the stress and anxiety traditionally associated with software delivery disappears. You are then able to think and innovate with a level of focus and clarity that escapes most in our industry.

Source: The Agile Samurai – How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software (Jonathan Rasmusson)

Just love this book.. This book is must read for Agile practitioners.

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