Some unique and useful questions (specific to Test Management) to evaluate Software Test Leads and Managers:

1. Under extreme conditions, how you can keep yourself and your team energized?2. What is your criteria to evaluate a software tester?

3. Your thoughts on limiting the scope of testing by measuring testability?

4. How you can encourage your team (testers) for bug advocacy?

5. Any thoughts on reducing the cost of testing without cutting the resources?

6. How you keep yourself updated on the latest testing techniques, strategies, testing tools/ test frameworks and so on? (If answer is like – “Reading websites.. blogs..” then ask the names of blogs/sites).

7. How we can achieve time-boxing in testing?

8. In case when there is time crunch, do you think forcing tradeoff(s) in testing is a right step?

9. It is being said by experts that “Studying epistemology helps you test better“. Do you agree on this? Your thoughts on Epistemology?

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