Those days are gone when there was demand of Manual testing only. Now the competition is very tough for testers. Its difficult to survive with Manual testing only. Now skills like SQL, Automation tools, etc are required to grow.

We have receive many queries from testers on how they can practice sql queries at home. This topic is for testers who want to practice SQL queries at home without any paid tool. We suggest testers to install MS SQL Server 2008 as it is very easy to install and it has an excellent sample database “AdventureWorks” available. AdventureWorks is small in size (58 MB) and it includes the schema diagrams as well with which one can easily understand the table relations. With AdventureWorks db, testers can practice all type of SQL queries.

Step 1: Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express –
Step 2: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools –
Step 3: Download Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples: AdventureWorks Database – Version 2008
Step 4: Attach the downloaded db (in step 3):

  1. Open the installed Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to a SQL Server instance.
  2. Right click Databases.
  3. Click Attach.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Locate the AdventureWorks database mdf file. For instance, AdventureWorks2008_Data.mdf.
  6. Click the OK button on the Locate Database Files dialog window.
  7. Click the OK button on the Attach Databases dialog window to attach the database.

Execute below statements:
USE AdventureWorks2008


If above statements executed successfully then it means you have successfully attached AdventureWorks2008 db.

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