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What is Database Testing?
Database testing involves the tests to check the exact values which have been retrieved from the database by the web or desktop application. Data should be matched correctly as per the records are stored in the database.

How to Test Database?
Database testing is one of the major testing which requires tester to expertise in checking tables, writing queries and procedures. Testing can be performed in web application or desktop and database can be used in the application like SQL or Oracle. There are many projects like banking, finance, health insurance which requires extensive database testing. Below is the discussed point that how to test database: Database Testing

  • First of all, tester should make sure that he understands all the application totally and which database is being used with the testing application.
  • Figure out all the tables which exist for the application and try to write all the database queries for the tables to execute since there are many things which are really complex, so you can take the assistance of developers and figure out the queries. Test each and every table carefully for the data added. This is the best process for the testers to perform the DB testing, it can be done for any application and it does not matter application is small or big.
  • If things are really complex then tester can obtain the query from the developer to test the appropriate functionality.

Database is the spine of the application and tester should make sure to test very carefully. It requires skill, proficiency and sound knowledge.

What to Test in a Database?

  • Check all the functionality which is happening on every action performed in the application. Actions can include deletion, addition or save options. Check whether the added record is added in the DB with the exact value. Check the deleted record gets removed from the database. These are major roles which need to be monitored seriously.
  • Nowadays database is getting more complex due to the business logic which plays an important role for the applications. Tester should make sure that values have been added correctly after the implementation of the business rules.

Hence, these are the above mentioned basic things that how and what to test in a database. Database testing is really a complex task and it should always be performed if tester is much experienced in this field.

– Article by Mandeep Singh
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