(An Article for beginners and fresher testers)
The myths revolving around the field of Software testing that it is a field which does not require any specialization of any sort as far as skill or talent is concerned has proved to be wrong. It is has in fact become the backbone of every organization now and it is the tester who brings out the maximum portion of revenue to the business due to its capability to find bugs at a stage where if left uncaught could prove really expensive for the business.

Typically, you can find two category of software testers- Black Box and White Box Testers. Being a Black Box tester keeps you away from all the hassles of programming language and you seem to enjoy your work and playing with the application just like the end user does. So it gives you more insight to think about the way the end user can perform his actions and accordingly find the bugs.

White Box testers on the other hand have a life which plays around the programming techniques as well as their capability to analyse more into coding and can be helpful to the development team. There is no difference in the salary anyways as far as differentiating between their categories is concerned. A tester earns the same as any other developer does since they equally play a vital role in the enhancement of the organization.

Life as a Software tester does not seem to be as easy as it appears for the reason that they act as a foundation to any product for their ability to find hidden bugs even under the circumstances when the product appears to be free of bugs. In case, it gets missed by the testers, it the organization who has to borne the losses in terms of money as well as reputation. So as a tester, you need to make sure that you get yourself familiar in depth on the application you intend to work.

With capability of finding bugs at an early stage, a tester if often appreciated for his work without which there would have been thousands of dollars spent unnecessary on doing something which could have been caught by the expertise of the testers. Working for 8-9 hours in an office is as much essential for a tester as it is for a developer.

It can be figured out from above the importance of a Software Tester in an IT industry and his life does not seem to be that much easy as it appears to be.

Guest article by Varun Arora.

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