Pay4Bugs is a software testing marketplace where clients create software testing projects, assign bounties to testing assignments, and pay testers when bugs are reported. The platform is designed to solve real world problems faced by software development teams: the difficulty to test software with different hardware, operating system versions, browsers, network connections, and usage behaviors.

The team behind Pay4Bugs originally created the software testing platform to provide an incentive for friends and family to test their other software products. The trial run proved so popular that the team decided to turn this platform into something useful to fellow programmers. was the result.

With the rapidly expanding market of web applications and mobile apps, inadequate testing is becoming a very serious problem. Smaller development shops simply cannot afford to hire a professional QA staff, nor can they acquire all of the different versions of mobile hardware. iOS and Android devices aren’t cheap! In addition, instantaneous application reviews, spread via social media, means that a successful bug-free launch is more important than ever towards the bottom line.

Pay4Bugs gives development teams of every size a flexible tool to perform real world, human driven testing. The platform is market-driven, meaning developers choose their own bounties for different types of bug reports. For example, if the software project is fun, easy to test, such as a game, then testers might be willing to work for a smaller bounty (or even for free!). On the other hand, if the testing process is very involved, or requires specific hardware setups, then a higher bounty will be required to gather sufficient interest. Again, only bug reports deemed valid by the developers will result in payment, and each tester’s performance is monitored and logged to keep the Pay4Bugs platform running smoothly. From the tester’s perspective, Pay4Bugs is not only a source of income, but also provides early access to many fun and interesting software projects.

The latest innovation from Pay4Bugs is iOS Testing. Apple has create a notoriously difficult process for app developers to provision their application onto devices, and it costs a lot of money to purchase iOS devices. With Pay4Bugs iOS Mobile Testing, developers can upload their IPA file directly into the website, then solicit interest from developers with registered iOS devices. Once the tester has been invited into the program, developers can send the IPA file to the customers via email. From there, it’s a one click install and update. Use the platform to find testers around the world with different versions of iOS, or to put a financial incentive behind a friend and family beta test program.

You’ll be surprised what types of bugs Pay4Bugs testers find. A tester found out that a client’s iPhone app crashed in Europe due to the currency default setting, which would not have been caught because in house testing only took place in the United States and Hong Kong. Another tester found that a site was crashing if the cursor was left idle in text box for too long before hitting “Submit”. Strange, but true and totally unexpected!

There are 5 usage plans specifically crafted for developers based on the team size, plus a Pay-Go plan to get started for free. All plans come with a 30 day free trial. With Pay4Bugs, our testers will help you make sure that your product is bug free when it hits the store!
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This is a guest post by – C.S. Hsia

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