• It is – Ability to restart the operations after the integrity of the application is lost.
  • Objective of the recovery testing is to ensure that the operations can continue even though the disaster is happening.
  • Recovery testing includes:
        1. Storage of data in the preserved location.
        2. Documents need to maintain properly about recovery.
        3. Assign the professional testers involving in Recovery process.
        4. Develop a recovery tool and make it available all the times.
  • Recovery testing is normally takes care by professional testers, System analysts you know entire flow of the applications.
  • It is advised that the operational staff need not involved in recovery testing and only professionals need to be involved.
  • Recovery can be conducted in two modes:
        1. Either with the recovery tools and the set of the methods and procedures to resolve it.
        2. Once the system is developed and the failure is introduced in to the system and the ability to recover it.

The user should estimate the potential loss inability to recover over the time spans. Ability not to recover may lead to the business loss. The potential loss is calculated in such that the amount of resource used for recovery testing.

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