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White Box Testing

  • Testing the Internal program logic
  • White box testing is also called as Structural testing.
  • User does require the knowledge of software code.


  • Testing all loops
  • Testing Basis paths
  • Testing conditional statements
  • Testing data structures
  • Testing Logic Errors
  • Testing Incorrect assumptions

Structure = 1 Entry + 1 Exit with certain Constraints, Conditions and Loops.
Logic Errors and incorrect assumptions most are likely to be made while coding for “special cases”. Need to ensure these execution paths are tested.
Approaches / Methods / Techniques for White Box Testing
Basic Path Testing (Cyclomatic Complexity(Mc Cabe Method)

  • Measures the logical complexity of a procedural design.
  • Provides flow-graph notation to identify independent paths of processing
  • Once paths are identified – tests can be developed for – loops, conditions
  • Process guarantees that every statement will get executed at least once.

Structure Testing:

  • Condition Testing – All logical conditions contained in the program module should be tested.
  • Data Flow Testing- Selects test paths according to the location of definitions and use of variables.
  • Loop Testing:
    • Simple Loops
    • Nested Loops
    • Concatenated Loops
    • Unstructured Loops

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