Functional testing and black box is a methodology used to test the behavior that has an application from the viewpoint of their functions, validated for this purpose various aspects ranging from the aesthetics of the front end, the navigation within your pages between pages within the forms, the compliance of technical specifications associated with fields, buttons, bars, among other pages, entry permits and access to consultations and modifications, management of parameters, the management of the modules that constitute , and other conditions that make up the various “features” expected to provide the system to operate the end user as a normal and correct.
To meet this objective, the tester must choose a set of inputs under certain pre-defined within a certain context, and to check whether the outputs are correct or incorrect depending on the outcome defined in advance between the parties and / or techniques for the customer / supplier.

This form of testing an application is made “outside”, that is why “black box testing” because the test covers the roads that follow the internal procedures of the program.

In connection with this test, although there are many tools now that this one out for various reasons will be published in future articles is: Selenium.

Selenium works directly on the web browser, its installation is simple and handling is so intuitive that allows quickly define and configure a test case, recording the journey in a page and then save the sequence of steps as a test script and and then play it when you want.
Useful points:

  • Selenium is an open-source tool that not only allows the testing of the system but also facilitates the acceptance testing of web applications.
  • Integrates with Firefox, and includes the ability to write the tests directly in Java, C #, Python and Ruby.
  • This solution has three basic tools to record a sequence of steps within a website, simulate the test with different browsers and automated test generation.
  • Selenium IDE is a plug-in for Firefox which allows you to record and execute scripts directly from your browser.
  • Selenium RC is a library and server written in Java that allows you to run scripts from local or remote through commands.
  • Grids Selenium: Selenium server allows multiple coordinate in order to run scripts on multiple platforms and devices at the same time.

Download – Selenium IDE is a plug-in for Firefox.

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